Converting 80% of Contacts to SQLs with Custom B2B Lists

Highly targeted prospect lists bring much higher results than spraying and praying. Here is how it worked out for Factual.

Industry: Marketing Data
Location: Los Angeles
Company size: $10M - 50M revenue
Contacts a month
MQL to SQL conversion rate
Close rate
Exceeded target

The Client

Factual is a location data company that helps marketers and their organizations use location to better understand, reach, and engage consumers.

Location data is key to driving smarter business decisions for marketers and brands. Our world is now mobile, computing is everywhere, and the power of location data helps companies to provide personalized, relevant experiences for their audiences.

Customers such as Uber, Shell, Samsung, and others use Factual’s insights, targeting, measurement, and data enrichment products to build and execute digital advertising strategies, understand audiences, measure success, and support innovative business solutions.

The Problem

Factual’s day-to-day marketing wasn’t resonating — or creating the desired results. They needed to generate more leads across a range of industries and verticals, yet their inbound marketing efforts were focused on just a few select leads.

Instead of spreading their marketing too thin, Factual decided to increase their outbound activities.

The Solution

The goal was to start relationships. This required a smart strategy consisting of the following elements:

  • Creating an Ideal Customer Profile
  • Building an account list with accurate data on the right people
  • Launching a campaign to address identified pain points and drive leads through the pipeline

The Result

The combination of our highly-accurate B2B lists and Factual’s perfected inside sales processes — along with a great value proposition — enabled them to start conversations with 161 companies.

They managed to convert 130 of these contacts to SQLs — a staggering 80% conversion rate!

And the close rate of 5% led to a satisfying ARR.

Factual believe revenue will only go up, as their sales cycle is quite long and the conversations look promising.

We are happy to be a part of their amazing results!

Here is what Taryn Spiller, Marketing Operations Manager at Factual had to say about our work:

taryn spiller factual

We haven’t seen traction like this before with any other campaign. Market Republic’s attention to detail and efficiency enables us to reach the right people at the right companies. Market Republic is essential to our SDR team and we wouldn’t be as successful without them.

Taryn Spiller

Marketing Operations

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