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Getting Event Appointments With C-level Through LinkedIn

Find out how we helped Comtrade Digital Services set appointments with some of their prospective clients at two major industry events.

Industry: Comtrade Digital Services
Location: Ireland
Company size: $10M - 25M revenue
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While the recent craze for content marketing is not slowing down, certain traditional marketing channels are still quite effective.

Industry events are still one of the most fruitful ways to generate leads if you have a clear objective and a chuck-full calendar.

Find out how we helped Comtrade Digital Services set appointments with key prospective clients at two major industry events.

The Client

Comtrade Digital Services is a part of ComTrade Group, a leading software engineering services and solutions provider based in Boston, Massachusetts. Building on humble beginnings, they have expanded to over 1,500 software engineers to keep up with providing software solutions and consultancy to a growing number of companies.

Comtrade Digital Services have provided expertise on various projects for organizations that include Ryanair, Aer Lingus, STEM, ConsenSys, and others. They are working hard on expanding and improving data science and next-level technologies, such as AI and blockchain.

The Challenge

Comtrade’s digital department planned to attend two major blockchain events and in order to get the most out of their presence, they wanted to schedule meetings with their target audience.

At Market Republic we are no strangers to highly targeted communication, so forming a partnership with Comtrade Digital Services for this project was a smooth process for both parties.

The Solution

Getting attention from busy people requires a special offer.

They have to understand — quickly and intuitively — how are you going to make their time worth it.

To showcase the value of meeting with Comtrade Digital Services, we set up a landing page explaining the benefits and areas of their expertise, supplemented by social proof via testimonials from their last enterprise blockchain project.

The primary goal of the landing page was to schedule appointments at the event, with a secondary goal of feeding a remarketing campaign.

Another asset we created for the Comtrade campaign was a blog post on a trending topic in the blockchain space, calibrated to resonate with the target audience.

Our team tracked down the companies attending both events and identified key buyer personas within those accounts.

Once we had the necessary assets in our sights, our Linkedin outreach campaign was ready for launch.

The Result

The initial LinkedIn connect request acceptance rate leveled off at 25%.

The ensuing conversation yielded 25% positive replies and 10% neutral replies.

At the events, Comtrade was able to meet with six companies and establish the foundations for beneficial future relationships.

This campaign was launched on short notice, and while we’re proud of the results, more time would have allowed us to support it with additional assets — such as a video sales letter and more blog posts aimed at different stages of the buyer’s journey.

Here’s what Comtrade Digital Services marketing coordinator Nina Novovic had to say about the Market Republic experience

When your business is in a disruptive industry such as blockchain development, contracting an external company is never easy. Market Republic was able to get onboard quickly and support our sales efforts with great strategy and execution.

Nina Novovic

Marketing Coordinator

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