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Scoring 7% lead-to-opp With Targeted B2B List Building

This is how custom B2B list building services and precise targeting enabled Twilio to test several verticals and score high lead-to-opp conversion rate.

Industry: Communications
Location: USA
Company size: $400 million in revenue
high quality account data
verticals tested
peak open rate
lead to opportunity conversion

The Company

Twilio is a leader in the field of cloud communication services, enabling software developers to include voice and video calls, as well as text messaging, into their applications.

Authy by Twilio enables strengthening and even replacing, traditional username/password login for websites, SaaS products, and mobile apps. With HQ in California (USA), and offices around the world, Twilio works with companies like UBER, Netflix, Coca-Cola, Dell, Twitter, Yelp, and many others.

The Challenge

In order for them to focus on selling, and reduce the time they were spending on prospecting, Twilio was looking for a reliable partner to help them grow sales and improve the sales process.

The Result

Since June 2016, Market Republic provides Twilio with services aimed at finding the right buyers for Authy, and enables them to focus on the deals that offer the most opportunity in the long run. This case study proves that focus, precise targeting, tailored messaging can gain huge traction even with “cold” leads.

Here is what Kevin Mueller, Chief of Staff to SVP Sales at Twilio said about our work

Kevin Mueller Twilio

There are a lot of lead generation services out there, but few can deliver the quality of service that Market Republic does at such a rapid pace.
Market Republic has been critical as we leverage their team to discover different verticals. It’s been a real pleasure and a very productive relationship for our team.

Kevin Mueller

Chief of Staff to SVP Sales
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