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Creating a Pipeline of $276.000 ARR OPPs (in 3 months)

A custom approach to data gathering, data quality and accuracy is what differentiates Market Republic from the rest of B2B sales intelligence companies, which we proved once again working with Purple WiFi.

Industry: Business Analysis Software
Location: UK
Company size: $10-50 million in revenue
most successful open rate
CTR for the first email
meetings with prospects
ARR of qualified opportunities

The Client

Purple WiFi is a UK-based technology firm operating globally. The company offers a WiFi platform through which businesses can analyse customer behavior, and communicate with clients through targeted messaging.

Purple.ai is the leading global WiFi analytics and engagement platform for intelligent spaces, the company prides itself on developing intuitive, powerful WiFi insight for venues and physical spaces. They are among 100 fastest growing privately-owned tech companies in the UK.

Their services enable businesses such as McDonald’s, KFC, Miami Heat and L’Oréal to leverage customer data in order to improve customer satisfaction and increase average spend per head.

The Challenge

Purple WiFi needed to grow its presence outside the UK & US markets. Target markets were Australia & New Zealand, EU, LATAM, and Asia.

Even though Purple WiFi was using several different lead generation tools and databases, their sales team was not satisfied with data quality.

Especially when it came to markets outside the US and UK, in which cases there was very little or no data to work with.

It was obvious – Purple reached the limitations of lead gen tools and databases, and they needed outsourced prospecting on a more custom, flexible, high-quality scale.

Purple was also looking for a partner that could tweak the search as needed and support any specific requests for additional data.

The result

Market Republic team worked on top of the data sourced from a different platform, replaced decayed data and included more highly-targeted contact data of the buyer personas.

After just 3 months of cooperation Purple has seen huge growth as Market Republic team was able to:

  • Follow specific ICP & Buyer Persona and deliver only the right prospects
  • Be flexible from week to week and support any specific data sourcing requests

Here is what Richard Ellor, Marketing Operations Executive at Purple WiFi said about our work

Richard Ellor

We used DiscoverOrg and several databases to great extent, but when they had no data on our expanding market we had to look for alternatives. Market Republic is instrumental to our growth spurt because their data quality is outstanding. Our sales team is very pleased with 66 held meetings across the globe and 132.000 ARR of qualified opportunities, and that’s just during these 3 months alone. Market Republic is not just another service provider, they truly act as a partner with a deep knowledge of the sales process.

Richard Ellor

Marketing Operations Executive

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