Exceeding Q3 Targets with Custom B2B Lists and Personalized Outreach

We proved once again how outsourcing list building and outreach can bring high ROI and even make your sales team happier.

Industry: Media Company
Location: Los Angeles
Company size: $10-50 million in revenue
contacts a month
response rate
MQLs to SQls
Q3 target

The Client

Giant Media is a media and technology company that provides advertisers and their agencies specialized support to deliver contextually relevant video campaigns. Their solutions span digital platforms and include both full and self-service utilization of VuePlanner®, a proprietary, AI-powered, insight-driven tool for buying brand-suitable, contextually relevant video across YouTube. This technology enables Giant Media to ingest, analyze, categorize, and score the content and context of more than 500 million videos, helping brands get closer to the audiences they want to reach with the right message at the right time.

The Problem

In the past, Giant Media’s account executives were tasked with all outreach to a vast pool of prospects. The biggest challenge was focusing their efforts on the right people within their target market. It was too time-consuming for account executives to research the email addresses of specific decision-makers. And sending messages to general business addresses didn’t bring the results they hoped for.

The Solution

The main focus of Giant Media’s conversations with their customers was how customers could maximize value on their YouTube ad spending and customize campaign efforts to be perfectly aligned to their brand’s KPIs.

Once we agreed on the characteristics of their Ideal Customer Profile, our research team carefully gathered 1,000 contacts a month during the campaign, while keeping in mind the ICP and buyer personas.

One way our solution increased efficiency was by freeing Giant Media AEs not only from this research but from the initial outreach, leaving them to focus their energy on closing MQLs.

Our specialists took great care in selecting companies and individuals for Giant Media to reach out to.  Once we had helped them craft email thread content with specific messaging for companies in different industries, Giant Media was ready to launch the campaign.

The Result

The positive response rate peaked at 8% — and that was from just one campaign!

Giant Media did a great job of converting MQLs to SQLs, closing the leads we’ve generated with a conversion rate of 40%. They exceeded their target for Q3 by 12%.

With the brand, the product, and the portfolio perfected by Giant Media, we were able to deliver excellent campaign results.

Here is what Laura Apel, VP of Marketing @Giant Media said about our work

I thought our process for building prospect lists was on point. Market Republic proved me wrong. The efficiency with which they were able to find verified data was astonishing. And handing over the outreach portion brought the best out of our AEs and helped them focus on closing.

Laura Apel

VP of Marketing

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