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Here is how Market Republic helped Guidance to win 11 new clients from 122 qualified opportunities.

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Location: US
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fresh B2B prospects every day
qualified opportunities
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new clients in 2017

The company

Guidance is a customer-centric commerce service provider dedicated to growth-oriented mid-market and enterprise branded manufacturers and merchants in both B2C and B2B with industry-leading practices in multichannel retail strategies, optimization, mobile, customer experience, innovative design, and complex system integration.

Guidance is obsessed with innovation and digital commerce and takes great pride in the critical role they play in helping their clients achieve commercial success.

The challenge

Market Republic was tasked with finding contacts from companies in about 20 industries.

Some of these industries include retail, wholesale, manufacturing, automotive, consumer goods, health and fitness, luxury goods, sporting goods, etc. Such a broad landscape of industries and companies within them would require a lot of time for a company, but for a specialized lead generation agency with its own research team, it was not an issue.

Market Republic was also assigned the task of writing compelling cold sales email threads that will attract Guidance’s prospects and convert them into clients. Since we have expertise in writing superb cold sales emails it was only the matter of adjusting them to Guidance’s needs.

The Result

In 2017 only, the data we provided helped generate 39 sales qualified opportunities out of a total of 122, which was 32% of Guidance’s new business pipeline! This, by far, was the largest lead source for new opportunities, more than the opportunities from their website, their partner network, events, client referrals, etc.

Market Republic helped Guidance to win 11 new clients in 2017 alone. Not only did these wins include large e-commerce implementations, but also smaller strategic engagements that will develop into larger implementations and ongoing opportunities in the future.

Here is what David Zimmerman, Director of Client Solutions at Guidance said about Market Republic

david zimmerman guidance

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Market Republic. From the first day we started, they became an extension of our team, and they truly care about accelerating our processes and growing our business. I’m thankful for the support that they’ve provided and have formed valuable working relationships and friendships as well. I highly recommend them to any organization that is looking to enhance their lead generation capabilities.

David Zimmerman

Director of Client Solutions at Guidance
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