Grow Sales Faster With Prospect List Building

See how Quid benefited from freeing its sales team from time-consuming sales prospecting and data appending.

Industry: Big Data
Location: San Francisco
Company size: $10M - 50M yearly revenue
contact data
during 10 months
with less than 2% bounce rate
resulting in 206 sales opportunities

The Client

Since its establishment in 2008, Quid has been absorbing the entire world’s written content which would then be read, organized, and generated into visual and interactive views. Whether it’s news, investment date, patents, product reviews, service calls or video transcripts, Quid can read it, sort it, and provide a better understanding of the broader landscape.

The Challenge

Quid wanted to free its sales team from time-consuming sales prospecting and data appending activities and allow it to focus on selling and business development. They were looking for a partner which can find all fit decision makers and their contact information within target companies.

The Result

Since August 2016 Market republic has helped Quid explore many different verticals and markets – from CPG and retail to healthcare, education, media, and more.

Download the full Case Study and read how Market Republic’s outsourcing sales list building and data appending gave Quid access to 10.000+ contact data with less than 2% bounce rate delivered within 10 months.

Here is what Tess Gilmore, Director at Quid said about Market Republic

Quid is a dynamic product that is often intimidating upon firstglance, so we rely heavily upon Market Republic to find us leads who will not only find use in the product but also are willing and ready to be early adopters. We run lean on our sales support team, so having such a capable and impactful partner is crucial to our success.

Tess Gilmore

Director at Quid
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