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Enrichment for 40% of Bad Salesforce Data [100% accuracy]

Find out how we enriched almost 40% of incorrect Salesforce data for our client in 10 days with 100% accuracy.

Industry: Software development
Location: San Francisco
Company size: $10M - 25M revenue
CRM records

CRM data decays at an astounding rate nowadays.

Keeping the CRM out of date wastes resources invested in getting leads in the first place.

Losing business opportunities is an even bigger problem than losing only semi-qualified leads.

However, many CRM lead enrichment tools don’t have data for some verticals or the data quality is poor.

In which case you need a different option, a more custom approach to source the data.

Which is exactly what Rainforest QA needed for their CRM.

They had to identify leads with incorrect data and track new companies those people went to.

Find out how we enriched almost 40% of incorrect Salesforce data for our client in 10 days with 100% accuracy.

The Client

Rainforest QA is changing the way QA is done in an era of continuous delivery.

Their on-demand QA solution improves the customer experience by enabling extremely rapid software QA teams to discover significantly more problems before code hits production.

Hundreds of companies including Adobe, Oracle, and SolarWinds use Rainforest to automate their QA testing process and easily integrate it with their development workflow via a simple API.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Rainforest is a 2012 Y Combinator graduate funded by Bessemer Venture Partners and SVB Capital among others. To this day they raised over $42 million in investments.

The Challenge

The CRM is only as good as the data within and having fresh and accurate data is crucial for keeping the pipeline flow.

Bad CRM data is crippling your sales.

Reps spend time researching about wrong accounts and appear unprofessional when reaching out looking for persons who are no longer employed.

Bad data is also responsible for producing inaccurate reports and creates an imprecise overview of your pipeline.

But the biggest issue lies in losing potential business deals and missing revenue quotas.

Tech companies, as a primary target of Rainforest, have the highest employee turnover rate in the business.

This means that data related to the personas and these companies gets outdated really fast.

Rainforest recognized a problem with their CRM, as their sales reps had encountered a number of missing leads.

After trying out some sales intelligence tools they realized the data wasn’t accurate enough.

So they asked around their own sales team and one of the reps recommended Market Republic having worked with us under his previous company.

The Solution

We had to identify incorrect records and find the new companies these people went to.

Rainforest gave us access to their Salesforce where we found over 2.000 contacts which needed an update.

After going through all of them we identified almost 40% were incorrect.

We applied our 4-step verification process to find accurate information for all the missing lead data.

In just 10 days we were able to correct over 95% of missing data with 100% accuracy!

Here is what Danilo Nikolich, Head of Sales Development at Rainforest QA said about our work

danilo nikolich rainforest QA

Our sales reps were frustrated with bad CRM data and we weren’t going to let all those leads go to waste. After trying some enrichment tools with varying results we got a recommendation for Market Republic and I am really glad we did! I highly recommend Market Republic as their data accuracy and speed of delivery is unparalleled.

Danilo Nikolich

Head of Sales Development

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