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Aligning Marketing and Sales with Omnichannel

This is how we helped Tyntec amplify sales by identifying every account and personas in each targeted vertical and implementing successful ABS and ABM campaigns.

Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Germany
Company size: $10M - 50M revenue
peak email open rate
lead to opportunity rate
email CTR for specific sub-verticals

The Client

Tyntec, with HQ in Germany,  is both a disrupter and a supporter of the telecom industry. They provide their customers with the technological infrastructure to power their communication and reach people globally.

During their 15 years of experience, Tyntec empowered organizations of all sizes – from OTTs to enterprises to local start-ups.

The Challenge

  • Fill the pipeline with the custom account and contact data so to speed up the outbound sales
  • Set up a system for closing high-value accounts by amplifying the results with ABM

Tyntec has expanded into new markets in recent years. Penetrating new markets requires increased efforts from sales and marketing teams.

Once the company starts expanding exponentially it is hard to maintain the constant inflow of new customers.

Tyntec’s pipeline needed a constant flow of high-quality contact data and leads in order to solidify revenues, so they turned to Market Republic in order to align and amplify their sales and marketing efforts


The goal was to develop a cross-department process and campaigns so to align marketing and sales in order to serve the same, personalized messaging to the predefined accounts and buyer personas. From cold email, remarketing campaigns, custom audience targeting to discovery calls.

This required an intelligent strategy consisting of the following elements:

  • Analyzing existing customers in order to understand expanding niches;
  • Identifying decision-makers and influencers with the highest converting probability;
  • Fueling worldwide outbound sales pipeline with the highly targeted and handpicked contact and account data
  • Optimizing global advertising campaigns to target the same accounts and specific buyer profiles that were also a part of the ongoing outbound sales email campaigns
  • Defining specific messaging and VPs for each of the pre-identified verticals and sub-verticals

The Solution

Market Republic data and the digital team created an account based approach, as the most effective way of getting business deals from mid to high-value prospects.

This strategy requires close coordination between different departments, highly accurate data on individual accounts and buyer personas, and a meticulous, personalized messaging to different decision makers and influencers.

The Result

During these multi-channel account based selling campaigns we managed to experiment fast and align marketing and sales activities to target the same personas and accounts of a very granular sub-verticals. We have amplified the overall results with:

  • Email open rates peaking at 76%
  • Lead to opportunity peaking at 14%
  • Up to 40% email click-through rate for a specific sub-vertical

Here is what Stephanie Wissman, Vice President Digital and Growth at Tyntec said about our work

stephanie wissman tyntec

By combining the efforts of sales and marketing we were able to better identify and target our potential clients across various verticals. This allowed us to gain better results and test fast. Market Republic’s strategic approach, knowledge and agility in prospecting and digital marketing is irreplaceable.

Stephanie Wissman


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