Creating Brand Experiences | Messaging Framework [Case Study]

Learn about how we helped several companies with the most important piece of marketing puzzle – the messaging framework.

Company size:

The Challenge

Creating a messaging framework is the foundation for every marketing and sales strategy.

It is a blueprint which gives direction on how and to whom to present the company and the products, it helps everyone within the company understand the why.

Customers understand what value you bring to them and employees see how their work contributes to the company’s mission. Having transparent and clear messaging creates connections on a deeper level and rallies everyone for a greater cause.

Coming up with a messaging framework is not an easy task. You have to be very objective about what is that you do, and sometimes it may be very difficult. However, this project can be extremely helpful for overcoming one’s flaws and rising above the competition.

While organizations can develop a messaging framework on their own it is beneficial to include an outside perspective – someone who understands the gravity of the task at hand.

We have developed a conclusive process for defining messaging frameworks for our clients.

We asked specific questions which helped them express how they want to be perceived by their audience. What do they want their audience to do and how to feel about it.

Which people we include in this phase depends on the organization, if it’s a larger company we gather members of the leadership team and the people who are most likely to communicate with the audience.

The next step is to compile the notes from the exercise and to determine a hypothesis for the main benefits the organization believes it provides. Every hypothesis needs to be tested so we get in touch with their target audience to find out if this is what they see or want.

When we finally determined the most important values for the company and the product, we are able to establish top-level position statements and company descriptions consisting of 10, 30, 60 and 100 words.

This laid the foundation for developing individual buyer personas, unique value propositions and refinement of each service/product our client offered.

We also included keyword research to find the most appropriate keywords to reflect audience lingo and user intent so we can incorporate them into digital communication and SEO related activities.

The Result

At the end of the process, our clients had a deeper understanding of the company’s key value propositions and the products unique selling points, their market position and key buyer personas. This enables the company to present themselves far clearly with consisted of messages across all channels, personalize the outreach and the communication, improve the entire sales process, close more deals with more targeted prospecting tactics.

Here is what our clients said about Market Republic


Intelisale is a SaaS company with a development center located in Serbia. They are focused on building a unique B2B sales solution for wholesale trade and distribution companies from around the world.

messaging framework testimonial intelisale

“Majority of our team is coming from a technical background. We knew how our product could help users but we had issues shaping the benefits to the potential user without talking about technical details. Market Republic did an excellent job of figuring a way to articulate the message for our complex product and make it simple to understand no matter what type of a user or a partner you are.”


TMS is a premier development hub for planning, building, support and enhancement of top-notch web applications with over 20 successful product launches and hundreds of thousands of users.

messaging framework testimonial tms

“We started with a simple idea, work hard and honest with better prices. After completing the messaging framework we had a much better understanding about who we are and how our expertise helps clients. In the end we had a message which was far more engaging and helped us communicate better within our team as well as our audience.”

Rowers is an online platform for sports teams to manage and distribute training programs, collect and visualize data and allow easy communication between athletes and coaches.

messaging framework testimonial rowers

“Shaping the foundations of our communication through messaging framework helped us differentiate clearly against the competition and emphasize the uniqueness of our solution. It helped align all our marketing and sales activities and made it clear to the entire team on home to push the product.”

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