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Raising Brand Awareness With Thought Leadership Content

Find out how we helped IPification cut through the noise and stand out as the next big thing in the mobile authentication space with thought-provoking content.

Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Hong Kong
Company size: $1M - 10M revenue
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Establishing a new brand in the competitive telecommunications market is challenging enough on its own. And when you are bootstrapped without a huge budget for PR and sponsoring or holding your own industry events, the bar is raised even higher.

This is where thought-provoking content shines through and that’s exactly how we helped IPification cut through the noise and stand out as the next big thing in the mobile authentication space.

The Client

IPification is a revolutionary mobile authentication technology developed by Hong Kong-based Benefit Vantage Limited. It is created to work closely with mobile operators whose infrastructure is used to verify users in a secure, private and seamless way.

Dubbed the seamless authentication technology, IPification is the only mobile authentication solution taking user security, user privacy and user experience into account. This puts it in a unique position to change the authentication space forever because there are no same-level competing technologies available at the moment.

The Challenge

As a very young brand and a completely new technology, IPification is mostly unknown among both mobile operators and potential OTT partners. This means their team needs to go over several hurdles when talking to potential new partners, making brand awareness one of the biggest marketing challenges.

Also, with several similar technologies working in the same space, there is a great need to differentiate IPification from significantly worse mobile authentication methods claiming similar benefits, namely – SMS 2FA, Header Enrichment, and Biometrics.

Strategic approach

Because IPification was born in 2018, they didn’t have a significant online footprint prior to working with Market Republic. This meant we could start with the basics and grow from there.

We based our approach on creating content to establish IPification’s top people as thought leaders in the mobile authentication and mobile identity space. Such content serves not only to show that founder & president Harry Cheung, as well as CEO Stefan Kostić, and CTO Aleksandar Branković, are among the leading visionaries in this field but also to establish the brand itself as a source of relevant information about authentication issues and challenges.

To achieve set goals, our strategy included:

  • Original & third-party social media content
  • Writing blog posts showing vision & expertise
  • Producing video content
  • Targeted paid content promotion

Social media content

Before IPification started working with Market Republic, they started building their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

To take it to the next level, we established a social media calendar based around sharing original content produced for the client – blog posts, videos, events IPification takes part in, company news & product updates.

And we also publish relevant third-party content that shows the company knows the key issues and challenges in the mobile authentication space.

Blog posts

Our team regularly writes new content for the IPification blog section with the help and input from IPification’s leadership. The main focus is on producing high-quality thought pieces that are working towards establishing the IPification team as visionaries.

For these blog posts, we decided on showing why other mobile authentication methods (SMS 2FA, Header Enrichment, Biometrics…) are insufficient, and also how IPification fits into the modern cyber-security trends like IoT.

Video content

With video content becoming more important in recent years, it fits right into our thought-leadership strategy. We are producing content to show that IPification’s top-level people know what they are talking about, and also to explain the benefits of this new technology.

We are producing videos with regard to the platform they will be published on. Some are created only for the YouTube channel, and some are used only on social networks.

Targeted paid content promotion

To make sure IPification’s content reaches new, relevant audiences we synced our marketing and sales activities. Contact lists prepared for sales activities are used to create highly targeted audiences to promote the content.


Since September 2018 we published 30+ blog posts which are generating new traffic. In January over 28% of visits came due to blog content, up from 5% in September 2018!

Videos published since the beginning of December (a total of 6 videos) have gained more than 4,500 organic views on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Here is what Stefan Kostic, CEO at IPification said about our work

stefan kostic ipification

Working with Market Republic was a pleasure from the beginning. They are producing fantastic content for us, and are helping us shape the relevant public opinion on why IPification represents the future of mobile authentication. I can always rely on their expert advice to make sure our digital marketing activities are producing the goals we need.

Stefan Kostic


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